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Champion Gotier Clementine
When a Gotier Siamese joins your cattery you truly are getting a variety of Siamese lines genetically blended to preserve diversity and especially to better the breed. Our Siamese represent 18 CFA registered Siamese imported over 45 years.

Gotier Siamese of today reflect the result of these many years of introducing purebred imported Siamese to strengthen the Siamese gene pool. Since we stress that our adults must be genetically compatible we are always looking forward to Gotier kittens being born as they are sturdy and mentally sound.

Gotier Siamese is now working with Snocrest Nureyev of Gotier, seal point male which I recently imported from New Zealand this year. Nureyev, a seal point, is an early bloomer and has already sired three litters and we anxiously await his progeny this early winter.

Meantime the litter mate Nijinski has joined a new breeding program in Virginia and soon he and his Siamese female companions will be appearing. I decided to share the genes, split their location as we have Hurricanes here. Never a good idea to keep all ones eggs in one basket. Now the mid Eastern coast and Florida have these new genes from New Zealand to invigorate the Siamese living there not to mention to charm those who buy their kittens as pets.

It will be most interesting blending this new gene pool with that of our 2004 Australian imports from our seal male, Jangar Uluru of Gotier and his litter sister CFA Champion Jangar Aurora Australis of Gotier, seal point Siamese female. Then too with the other Gotier Siamese representing rich genetic diversity.

I strive for the CFA standard in breeding for purity hence I have always been breeding for genetic stability. No big secret, we determined we would follow the laws of nature. Then we determined the best way to accomplish that was through the introduction of new blood. Over these 45 years a total of eighteen imported cats with respective pedigrees have been woven into our gene pool. This year we added Nureyev who will represent our final imports for new blood. We look forward to sharing their genes with fellow breeders for the betterment of the breed.

Years ago a brilliant and talented breeder, Ms. Jeanne Singer of Singa Siamese, told me, "Henri when you select your breeding cats remember nothing is perfect. Never let a minor cosmetic flaw keep you from working with any line, rather just don't double up on any flaw while striving for stamina and function. Remember that with Siamese style will surface as it's built into the pedigree." I so agreed, hence over these many years I have tried to follow that path in my own program.

Kittens will be available to qualified homes as breeders or sold as pets hence all inquires are welcome and will receive a prompt reply and thank you for visiting our web site.

Henri Pelletier
John R. Goterch, deceased, 01/17/1954 - 02/07/2004 Now in Glory where he suffers no more.
304 SW 13 Street
Ft. Lauderdale, Florida 33315
E-mail: Gotier2@aol.com

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Thai Noi Black Cloud of Gotier, seal point
Gotier Tip Tap Toe en Jazz
Gotier Leodegrance En Jazz, Lilac Point
Gotier White Cloud
Gotier Wanekia Weeko, alias: "G"
Gotier Tip Tap Toe en Jazz
Champion Gotier Mi Mystique
Gotier Versailles
Jangar Uluru of Gotier
Gotier Red Cloud en Jazz
Champion Gotier The Renaissance Man
Gotier January Song En Chocolat
Davasoir December Song of Gotier, seal point female kitten
Champion Gotier Raphael Halfmillion

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